A leaflet holder is the cheapest and effective salesman


Distributing handouts to people is a relatively new way of promoting products that has been invented to form a more penetrative way to reach out to new people. It is not necessary that such brochures are passed on by the human hands due to two reasons today. Firstly, passing it on manually requires extra cost and people who necessarily do not need them are also handed over these brochures, which can be considered as a waste as those brochures probably end up in the dustbin. Secondly, distributing brochures manually hinders their appeal and there is no provision for appealing to the viewers. Using brochure holder on the other hand ensures that the brochures are displayed stylishly, attracting onlookers in the process and storing them simultaneously.


Brochures are an easy and effective way for personable distribution of information and are emerging as a popular way to raise awareness about a product, service or event. They are very light, easy to carry and carry comprehensive information in an elegant fashion, hence prove to be a very useful tool in promoting and raising awareness. These transparent acrylic promotional choices will be able to benefit in the sale of any things. Readily available in different completely different measurements, some of these brochure holders vary in sizes ranging from four to ten inches wide to hold of any sort of periodical or commercial. Look at through these brochure racks at present to look for an ideal choice for your company or home! These brochure holders, usually called literature racks, can be improved for any purpose.

Try eco-friendly bamboo holders

Metal stands for displaying could be permanently installed and caused no wear and tear, which is why they are still used. But it is the synthetic signage used with it that causes most of the harm to the environment. However, in temporary fairs and exhibitions, one cannot think of using metal and an alternate material must be used, which is why people use bamboo. Reputed firms like show off displays use these kinds of natural stands to save environment. Synthetic materials are made of plastic-like materials, polyester and rayon, they do have sheen and durability but on the other hand they are hazardous to their surrounding environment. Bamboo roll up displays also are quite popular among eco-enthusiasts and advertisers along with bamboo brochure holders. They are stylish, classy and impart a tropical feel to such shows. Made entirely of bamboo from the display to stands, they are the perfect marketing tool for small business owners.