Most Interesting Myths you should know about Backlinks

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Currently, backlinks are among the most discussed topic in an online marketing forum. If you’ve been working in SEO for some times, probably you come across or have an idea about how backlinks works and its benefits. A lot has been said about backlinks, some are just opinion, while others are common myths. You buy now backlinks, but it is advisable to understand its theory at least so that you can understand the facts about it altogether.  Here are several essential myths you need to know about backlinks:

Common Myths Based on Backlinks

Most people believe that having many backlinks is more advantageous. However, this myth is not accurate since rather you have a backlink from PR7 homepage instead of 5000 backlinks profile. It is important to note that every backlink isn’t the same. Some are much better compared to others, and it is always better to choose quality rather than quantity.

Building backlink and forgetting about it

The mistake that most people usually do is building the backlink, and later they forget about it. Regular creating a backlink is important, especially if you’re operating a more prominent website. Your site may have a short duration if you decide to build backlinks only once. Backlinks are normally deleted, and that’s why other competitors usually develop more backlinks.

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Using similar anchor text for all

The idea of utilizing the same anchor text on the entire backlinks has recently trended on the social news. Also, recently, most people have learned that keeping an anchor text similar to the rest might reduce the power of the backlinks. It may seem uncommon to a search engine, and others may attempt to minimize its effect.

Having a particular anchor text

Having a specific type of anchor text is another myth that most people believe. However, also, it isn’t true. Still, you can benefit from an URL address with no anchor text. While it can bring as more boost for a particular keyword, you can go overall with your potential and ranking to improve your ranking for many keywords.

The idea of backlinking

Backlinking is an idea that most people believe that you can be penalized for. Even though most people believe that it is true, but still it is considered as a myth. Google has never banned any site having many backlinks. Additionally, nowhere is written in google webmaster that backlinks for a particular website can be banned for a specific reason.

An important thing you need to consider is that, if your site can be penalized due to many backlinks, then ask yourself, what’s preventing people from making thousands of backlinks against their competitors. Most companies usually invest a huge sum of money rank highest above their competitors. Jetzt kaufen backlinks for your website and also have a chance to at the top of your competitors.