Power of colors – Trendy suits for men

grey suit styles

Fashion industry keeps changing and keeping up with the new trend is challenging. But here are some inexpensive solutions to your styling problems. Colors! Be a personal stylist and all you need to know is the perfect suit color combinations for men. Wearing the right color for every season will make a difference in your look.

Dark red or maroon suit

Mostly suitable for winter, this color spread across a lot of love, warmth,and passion. The intense red suit is neat and gives a sharp look. Wear it for dinner parties and casual events.

The classic blue

Blue is one of the most perfect suit color combinations for men. This is suitable for all season. Wear bright and dark blue and set yourself apart from the crowd. Navy blue is bold and manly whereas light blue is soft and welcoming. For a winter look, wear blue with a pair of beige pants and for summer, swap it with black!

Grey – the trendiest pick

Grey is trendy and a great alternative for black. Suitable for casual and formals, it’s muted nature suits all skin tones. Look sophisticated with grey! Pair it with dark trousers and a bright jacket!

grey suit styles

Rusty – Bled of red, brown and orange

A flattering color that’s versatile and goes well with beige, grey or even darker shades of trousers. They are elegant and just perfect for casual and formal wear.

Yellow – a rich choice

A bold color that’s perfect for every season! The exotic and muted nature makes it suitable for every day. Great on all skin tones, a classic suit that’s not too shiny and flashy will look bright and warm.

Olive – a neutral green

Not many men wear green! Olive, a neutral green which is not too light and too dark is an ideal way to get a smooth, sophisticated and natural look. Pair it with light shirts, colored trousers to add depth to the outfit.

Don’t forget white

A basic white suit is a timeless garment that’s elegant and perfect for any occasion. Regardless of how old you are or what function you attend, there’s a lot of great things about white. It easy to match with dark and light trousers. It’s a perfect pick for hot summer and one of the trendy fashion that never fades!

The art of choosing the rightcolor combination for the season is the secret of being elegant and modest. Create a fashion statement with a personal touch of creativity.