The Case Study – A Powerful Marketing Tool You Probably Aren’t Using

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Most likely, your company has many success stories that have never gone beyond the employee newsletter. Although they can be good for the company’s morale, these defining stories can also be a turning point to capture the hearts and minds of new customers. As in a good novel, the case study has drama, suspense, an interesting set of characters and a satisfactory resolution. Tell the story of an epic problem solved. Challenging challenge fulfilled in record time. An innovative solution, despite the limited budget.

buy essay cheapElements of case study

A specific example usually consists of two to three pages, illustrated with photographs, diagrams and graphic elements. More compelling than a brochure or fact sheet, it emphasizes its unique approach to problem solving and clearly distinguishes it from its competitors.

Why are the case studies so compelling?

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Let’s be realistic. Most marketing materials are skeptical. But a well-thought-out example has more weight. Because it is written not only from your point of view. By telling a story from your client’s perspective, you add another dimension to credibility.

People remember stories

Although the sales letter may soon be forgotten, the story of the triumph remains in place. People naturally want to know how others solve problems that are similar to theirs. Your case study will show them, both tangibly and memorably.

Multitasking marketing tool

By absolute versatility and profitability, the case study is unparalleled. It has a long service life and can be adapted to various applications, such as:

  • Printed or online publications: articles that talk about real success, always occupy the first place in the rating of readers.
  • Direct mail or email is a simple and inexpensive way to talk about a new product or innovative service. And if you are looking for a raffle to get an answer to your direct marketing efforts, look no further than your case study.
  • Press Kit: Provide publishers with a compelling story, and it may be printed.
  • Presentation topic – Do you need to talk? A case study makes a live presentation and sets it up as an expert.
  • Literature in exhibitions: an example of the practice sells it better than a keychain or a cup of coffee on any given day. Just ask your sales team.
  • Website: search engines will notice when you add new content to your website. And you will notice an increase in traffic!

Who benefits from the case studies?

These are some of the many industries that can increase your visibility and credibility through case studies:

  1. Financial services
  2. Marketing and design companies.
  3. High technology companies
  4. Hotels, convention centers and event organizers.
  5. Business consultants
  6. Architects and interior designers.

Use it or lose

Microsoft’s marketing experts at Volunteer Match make extensive use of case studies. What stories are you sitting that can contribute with do my case study?