Things you should know about diabetes


Diabetes is one of  the common issue which many people are suffered from. When it comes to diabetes there are two different types

Type 1 diabetes:  It this case your body has already stopped insulin production, hence you have to inject insulin through your lifetime.

Type 2 diabetes: In this case your body might not produce enough insulin or it is not able to utilize the produces insulin properly or effectively.

Some of the common symptoms of diabetes are

  • Sudden Weight lose or weight gain
  • Irritation or itchy skin
  • Often getting hungry
  • Vision problem like blurred vision
  • Painful gums
  • Frequent urination


There are some people who have more chances of getting the type two diabetes

  • People who are above 55 years
  • Biologically receiving this
  • Obesity
  • Pregnant women
  • Heart disease people

They can easily get the type 2 diabetes.

Some of the common types of preventing diabetes are

Balanced diet:

It would be better to control your diet, if you wish to prevent diabetes or to avoid issues related to diabetes.

Regular walking or exercising:

Many people say that daily 30 minutes of walk can probably reduce the risk of diabetes and heart problem. Even if you are suffering from diabetes it can be controls by this easily. Walking is good for your overall health. Hence it is better to go for a walking daily.


There are many differnt treatments which are available for this diabetes:


This is one of the traditional method of controlling and preventing diabetes. There is no side effects.

Natural Treatments:

There are many natural treatment methods are available of this diabetes. There are many essential oils like CBD oil, Hemp oil and many others are available. You can make use of it and by using this you will be cured for many different health issues. It is advisable not to use any types of medication without doctor’s advice.

Modern treatments:

 This is one of the common treatment method which are taken by many people. This gives you instant result but there are many side effects you will get buy using the modern treatments. There are many people who are taking medicines for its side effects.

These are some of the important things which you have to know about diabetes. There are many different methods which will be really helpful for you to prevent getting diabetes.