Useful information about the latest hearing aids and their selection

hearing aids Melbourne

Many people in Melbourne suffer from hearing loss; In fact, statistics show that about 22 percent of people over the age of 15 have hearing disabilities. However, this is not a real problem in the modern world. Thanks to innovations and modern technologies, you can now take advantage of the latest hearing instruments that offer superior performance.

Types of hearing aids

Hearing aids are nothing more than a small amplification system. These devices can be classified into different types depending on how you use them. This means that they can be installed inside or behind the ear. Thanks to digital technology, even the cheapest hearing aid has advanced functions. BTE or hearing aid is suitable for all people. This type has two other categories; classic type and open landing; The latter is useful for mild and quite severe cases and if you cannot use ear mold. Find the latest BTE hearing aids that are really powerful. ITE or In-the-ear are completely in the outer ear, while ITE or In-the-channel are installed, as the name implies. This makes it restricted; however, they are only suitable for moderate to moderate cases. CIC or completely in the channel is very small and is not suitable for everyone.

hearing aids Melbourne

Invisible hearing aids

Newer hearing aids Melbourne are modern devices that are invisible in the channel. These IIC tools use wireless technology, which offers exceptional performance. Customers can take advantage of a wide selection of brands with multiple technological levels and price ranges. Some brands offer products that can be used for a day of two to three months. These revolutionary digital devices are made to order, and some of them can be programmed. They are very comfortable to use and eliminate all whistling and humming; It also filters the background music. High-frequency sounds are reproduced at a lower sound, which increases audibility.

Considerations for choosing a device

Your Melbourne doctor will not prescribe any device; Although the latest hearing aids are available, the doctor first reviews the audiogram chart and then helps you choose the type of care you can choose. The size and shape of your ears are also marked. There are several points to consider; If you have a severe hearing loss, the receiver must be large and powerful enough to reproduce enough sound. If your ear canals are narrow, then you can easily install a small device. An acute hearing loss is an oblique hearing loss, so help behind the ear is recommended. Therefore, the choice of device is not entirely yours, but is a combined solution between you and the doctor.